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Mini Golf for Android

Aug. 17, 2017 - Android, Unity3D

Enjoy a relaxing game of mini golf in a beautiful, atmospheric world.

Mini Golf is a relaxing Android app focusing on pure gameplay and atmosphere.

As our first full-sized game released, Mini Golf offers a stylish world on mobile with PC-grade lighting for the most pleasant experience possible.

The game features two 18-tracks levels, with records, scores to beat and 16 challenging Google Play achievements. Accumulating a rating of 4.3 of 5 stars, it has been a huge success and reached a top 3 placement in the Google Play Store's mini golf apps within the first three months, all without marketing.

The success and outstanding rating of Mini Golf is partly attributed to its simplicity, which is praised in numerous reviews. The game never interrupts the flow by ads, powerups or microtransactions. Starting at track one, the player can finish the game in one go, or stretch it across multiple sessions, as every move is automatically saved.

The decent user interface implements a modern monochrome design while staying in the background, leaving focus on the game itself. Fast, but smooth transitions provide a fluid experience throughout the whole interface.

Watch a short Trailer: